Hello my good people! I’m Lincoln the Leatherback. My sponsors at The Explorers Club named me after U.S. President Abraham Lincoln not because we look alike, but because we are both wise and noble. We also both happen to have an affinity for top hats, but that’s a different story... Like my idol President Lincoln, I too am ready to fight for a noble cause! Presently, my fellow marine comrades are suffering because of a man-made problem… Plastic debris. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone out for jellyfish only to end up with a plastic bag in my stomach instead. It’s preposterous what some humans are doing to our planet! Sorry if that sounds harsh, but I’m just being an Honest Abe! That’s why I need you all to support me in this year’s Tour de Turtles race and help me win the war on plastic once and for all!

I was named by my Sponsor, The Explorers Club. Check out my marathon migration map, where you can follow along as I swim to raise awarness about the threat of Plastic Debris to sea turtles. Please help me raise awareness about my cause by supporting me!

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